Floor Care

Gordon, it has been six years since you sanded, refinished and stained the hardwood floors in our house. At that time you said they might need to be recoated after five  or six years. Well guess what, our floors look as good today as they did six years ago.
The polyurethane that you recommended is holding up fantastically.

As you know we had a lot of square footage in hardwood floors and none of it looks faded or spotted. On several occasions friends have visited and have said, “Oh, you had your floors refinished.” When we tell them the flooring and finish are six years old they cannot believe it, especially with the heavy traffic in our house.

All I can say is the materials you used and the workmanship you provide are second to none, and I know we will have many more years before our floors need refinishing.

Peg and I have both recommended your company to our friends telling them there is only one word to describe your company and the work you do: FANTASTIC.

Thanks for such high quality work; we have really enjoyed our hardwood floors because of it.

J. H.

Homeowner, Pepper Pike, Ohio

How to Care for your Hardwood Floors

You know how important it is to prevent damage and maintain the life of your floors. Protect your hardwood flooring investment using these simple cleaning techniques.

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Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Prefinished (or “engineered”) hardwood flooring and unfinished hardwood flooring each have their advantages. Learn the differences in this brief whitepaper.

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Wood Floors vs. Carpet

Wood Floors vs. Carpet

For those homeowners who are trying to decide between hardwood floors and carpet, we offer four reasons why hardwood floors are the better choice.

  • Hardwood floors increase the value of your home.
  • Hardwood floors add natural beauty to your home.
  • Hypoallergenic hardwoods do not trap bacteria, allergens or dust like carpet does.
  • When properly maintained, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.
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